Watch: Israelis Gang Up On Muslim Woman On Bus And Demand To Search Her Unprovoked

After watching this video clip, it is evident that something is terribly wrong within Israel’s Judeo supremacist society.

Pay attention to the words spoken by the Israeli Jewish man on the bus, and particular attention to the disturbing tone of his voice. A tone exposing his false sense of empathy, which is derived from the Zionist’s embedded sense of entitlement, and superiority complex over non-Jews. This is not a rare or isolated incident; this is a glimpse into daily life for non-Jews in Israel.

‘Israel is a sick society,’ as the present-day Israeli President, Reuven Rivlin, recently said. The Zionist narrative must be disassembled; it poisons the minds of Israeli children with a false sense of nationalism. Without a society intoxicated from Zionist propaganda there would be no Israelis to support the preservation of its illegally-acquired land and brutal occupation.

The Zionist narrative demonizes the indigenous Palestinians, excludes discourse of peace, and completely conceals discussion of Israel’s forced colonial occupation of Palestinian land. The foundation of Israeli culture is established on indoctrination and violence. Exposure of Jewish supremacist rhetoric, from a young age is necessary to transition school children, into a military ideology, which deems Palestinians as “demographic threats” and “terrorists,” rather than the population massacred, displaced, and oppressed, by institutionalized discrimination and apartheid laws.

No less than 2,053 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis since September 29, 2000.

No less than 2,053 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis since September 29, 2000. (image credit: Alalam)

Although, twenty percent of Israeli citizens are Palestinian-Israelis, Jewish Israeli children fail to perceive Palestinians as citizens of Israel. In order to uphold the Palestinian dispossession, Israeli school discourse disillusions children with visual dramatizations of a promised Jewish homeland, which was long-deserted and awaited their return. Biblical references are abused and misinterpreted to senselessly use historical Jewish suffering and persecution to justify the ongoing Palestinian holocaust.

In the progressive, modern-day world, any person or entity, would be regarded as criminally-insane to disregard the laws that govern the 21st century and weigh 2000-year-old historical stories more heavily than concrete evidence. The Zionist ideological stereotype cannot be sustained without a disillusioned, extremist population.

The most horrifying reality of a Israel’s Judeo-supremacist society is the failure to recognize that racism is actually far more severely embedded than its manifestation in human rights violations alone. Disturbingly, this suggests that maintaining Israel’s illegal occupation through brutal human rights violations is only strengthening the racist indoctrination of the younger generations of Israelis.

The foundation of Israeli culture is established on indoctrination and violence.

The foundation of Israeli culture is established on indoctrination and violence. (image credit: Iran Review)

Here’s the transcript:

Woman: I have a right that no one will search my bag. If a policeman comes here, with a license, then I agree. If you don’t have a license, then regarding private things, I do not cede to anyone [letting them] check me.

Man:  It’s not that terrible.

Passengers: She is right.

Passengers: She is not right.

Woman: If you don’t feel safe, then simply please call the police.

Passengers: She is not right.

Passengers: Why?

Woman: If you feel unsafe then simply, I have no problem….

Man: If there’s anything suspicious, we need to check, that’s all.

Woman: Suspicious? What do you mean by that? Explain to me what suspicious means. My head scarf is suspicious? That’s what frightens you? So get off [the bus].

Man:  It’s not something personal.

Passenger:  It’s very insulting. I am a citizen here. I’m also an Arab

Woman: The fact you define us [inaudible] a person who is on the bus.

Man:   Both of us agree that this is an unpleasant situation. It’s embarrassing, it’s shaming and it’s insulting.

Woman: Not only embarrassing and insulting…

Man:  Then what?

Woman: It’s the matter of “security”.

Man:   Now, listen to me. I am only posing a request. I can tell you that I am studying a lot about Islam and Quran, and I really identify with the Arabic culture. You don’t know that I am…

Woman: It’s not a matter of culture.

Man:  Listen for a second. listen. I know, I know about all the sensitivities. I also worked for many years with a mixed population. What I am saying, since we are all now in a very…all the Israelis are in a very tense situation now. That’s something objective.

Passenger:  Me too, I am not in a safe situation now.

Translation and subtitles by Ronnie Barkan



  1. bastard zionist like pig no brain


  2. Unbelievable your a threat because you are on a bus, the zionists are nothing but a bunch of racists


  3. The jews in israel should be very careful in want they say to any women let alone a lady who is muslim used made fun on facebook of jesus on the cross and how he was killed. Im a christian but believe me I love jesus and i believe in the devil and the fires of hell and used will never rest when used are saying these things.The devil is rubbing his hands with all the killing of them gaza family and children but used will all go to hell if used dont stop this and used will get it all back if not now later on because life will paid used back for every child woman man brother and sister that has been killed in cold blood.


  4. Faisal Koukash says:

    Welcome to Israel, where Israelis need to check your headscarf on a bus!


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