The Voiceless

The Voiceless

By: Moe Diab


They are the ones, you don’t think about.

They are the ones that suffer in every form, while you sit with your friends, laughing and gossiping about T.V shows in your dorm.

They are the ones, born into a life of agony and humiliation, while you vent about the agony of final exams and your procrastination.

They are the ones that are psychologically and physically tortured daily, while you feel sorry for yourself because your head is feeling achy.

They are the ones that nobody cares about, while you care about what your friends will think about your backyard cookout.

They are the ones, who are targeted and murdered, while you complain about being pulled over and questioned because your ethnicity isn’t favored.

They are the ones who come home to a dusting heap of rubble and debris, while you wish you could afford another house, over seas.

They are the ones that worry, if they will be told their parents were killed, upon arriving home from school, while you wish your parents were dead for not allowing you to go with your friends to the pool.

They are the ones who are never promised a better tomorrow, while you plan your next vacation, in hopes your job emails don’t follow.

They are the ones who are resisting injustice, while you unquestionably accept everything you hear on the news to be truth and justice.

They are the ones whose screams go unheard, while you scream at your sister for wearing your shirt, using every last curse word.

They are the ones whose cries go unheard, while you sit and cry for attention, completely self-centered.

They are the ones fighting for their existence, while you learn about Gandhi’s non-violent resistance.

They are the ones that need peace, while you hold up a peace sign in front of every cameras lenspiece.

They are the ones you are taught to hate, while you are the only ones that can help them, so they wait.

They are the ones that have been swept under the rug, while you allow their oppressor to step on them like a bug.

They are the ones you don’t know truth about.

They are the ones you are allowing to die out.

They are the ones that are suffering because nobody will speak out.

They are the voiceless.

They are the Palestinians.



  1. Extremely touching Moe,very genuine and sincere words that goes straight fir the heart.God bless Palestine and the Palestinian people.


  2. David Parks says:

    Touching and well written. When will you write a book?


  3. Lovely poem. God bless the palestinian people and may they see peace in this life time.


  4. I have a piece of literature that embodies the exact idea. Will share.


  5. Amazing and very touching poem. iA freedom for the Palestinian people.


  6. Wow, I’ve read many poems from well known writers, and this is one great peace of work! God bless.


  7. Beautiful and true!


  8. Wow. Amazing. Masha’Allah such a touching story that I can relate too. It’s super sad but Insha’Allah there is hope. May Allah help the Palestinians.


  9. Amazing! Great job. I would love to make a song out of this.


  10. May God free Palestine and all the oppressed countries of the world.


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